Mom here are the pictures of the bed  and the pictures of the dining room

Phil and I both like the coverlet better.


Coverlet 1.jpg (23223 bytes)


coverlet 2.jpg (31967 bytes)

Bed skirt

coverlet 3.jpg (29532 bytes)

close up

Bedspread 1.jpg (33418 bytes)


bedspread 2.jpg (43076 bytes)

I only unpacked one sham but there is two

bedspread 3.jpg (38365 bytes)

ignore the pillow under the bed

bedspread 4.jpg (33954 bytes)

close up

dining room 1.jpg (42781 bytes) Dining room 2.jpg (45547 bytes) dining room 3.jpg (39553 bytes) bathroom.jpg (20562 bytes)