Our New House

These are pictures Phil took during the inspection, so the furniture is not ours.  Also the floor plan is from the appraisal and we had to draw the inside walls from memory.


floorplan2.jpg (71910 bytes)

Floor Plan

Front of house.jpg (70954 bytes)

Front of house

Front of house 2.jpg (93047 bytes)

Front Entryway

Back of house.jpg (67219 bytes)

Back of house

backyard.jpg (49716 bytes)


foyer.jpg (43160 bytes)


Livingroom fireplace.jpg (39519 bytes)

Living room fireplace

livingroom wall with windows.jpg (44890 bytes)

Living room

office.jpg (37195 bytes)


Dining Room.jpg (50730 bytes)

Dining room

hallway.jpg (35195 bytes)


half bath.jpg (23197 bytes)


laundry room 1.jpg (32620 bytes)

Laundry room

laundry room 2.jpg (36252 bytes)

Laundry room

kitchen 1.jpg (48513 bytes)


kitchen 2.jpg (42347 bytes)


Kitchen 3.jpg (42841 bytes)


Family Room 1.jpg (52386 bytes)

Family room

Family Room 2.jpg (56323 bytes)

Family room

Family Room 3.jpg (73943 bytes)

Family room fireplace

bedroom hall bathroom.jpg (24357 bytes)


Guest Bedroom 1.jpg (45472 bytes)

Guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom 2.jpg (36385 bytes)

Guest bedroom

Potential Future Kid's room.jpg (40765 bytes)

Potential future child's room

Master Bedroom 1.jpg (42188 bytes)

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom 2.jpg (48617 bytes)

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom 3.jpg (40166 bytes)

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom Closet.jpg (42335 bytes)

Master closet

Master Bedroom Bath 1.jpg (50540 bytes)

Master bathroom

Master Bedroom Bath 2.jpg (49166 bytes)

Master bathroom

Bedroom hallway looking from Master Bedroom.jpg (38040 bytes)

Bedroom hallway from master bedroom

Stairway to Bonus Room.jpg (30381 bytes)

Stairs to bonus room

Bonus Room 1.jpg (46152 bytes)

Bonus room

Bonus Room 2.jpg (35382 bytes)

Bonus room